Cloud ERP Manufacturers are leading the race in cloud ERP adoption. Are you participating?

Manufacturers are leading the race in cloud ERP adoption. Are you participating?

A recent report by TechTarget, Cloud ERP: Growth, Trends & Outlook, highlights that manufacturers are more tech savvy than many other industries. In fact many manufacturers have deeper understanding of technical concepts like Saas, Cloud Computing, Single vs Multi tenant ERP than some of IT professionals. Invalidating the general myth that manufacturers will be slow to foray into cloud ERP space report showcases that only 30% of manufacturers have no SaaS solutions today, compared to 42% for all other industries. On average, about 22% of business software installed in a manufacturing company today is SaaS, compared to 17% for other industries. It also forecasts that while other industries project 35% of their business software will be SaaS, manufacturers project that percentage to be 45%.

According to a latest articles published on Forbes on Gartner’s findings on adoption of Cloud ERP, SaaS-based manufacturing and distribution software will increase from 22% in 2013 to 45% by 2023. A survey completed in 2013 shows SaaS-based applications will steadily grow from 22% of all manufacturing and distribution software installed to 45% within ten years. The catalyst for much of this growth will be two-tier Cloud ERP system adoption. Gartner’s assessment also emphasizes the advantages of mobility Cloud ERP offers for manufacturing enterprises. Intuitive, integrated and fast, these Cloud ERP mobile apps make it possible for senior managers to check up on operations for wherever they are globally, in addition to approving contracts and being notified of events via alerts. In Cloud ERP systems mobile platforms are most often used for material handling, warehouse management, traceability, quality management, logistics and service tracking.

According to AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology in September 2014, U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $647.63 million. This total was up 77.3 percent from August and 61.4 percent when compared with September 2013. Year-to-date totals are up 5.2 percent compared with 2013.
Manufacturing Technology publishing portal lists the benefits of implementing cloud ERP technology. It includes greater visibility of the manufacturing plant, both locally and globally – for example a manufacturer can share data quickly and effectively from one facility to another; cost saving insofar as cloud ERP will lower the cost of ownership when it comes to implementing software and greater quality control and performance management. Another article highlights that there is growing interest in how cloud-based services for critical applications like ERP are developing. Read full article

All the above statistics prove that manufacturers are certainly the leaders in benefiting from productivity improvements and cost reductions Cloud ERP offers. Read how Ontario based radio equipment manufacturer benefited from migrating to Cloud ERP

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