Cloud ERP How to Un-reconcile and Cancel a Paid Invoice in ERP

How to Un-reconcile and Cancel a Paid Invoice in ERP

This is article, we will see how to cancel paid invoice in ERPinCloud

 Check the checkbox “Allow Cancelling Entries”

Go to->> Accounting ->> Configurations ->> Journals->> Open “Sales Journal” record ->> Click “Edit” button ->> Check the checkbox “Allow Cancelling Entries” ->> save the record.

This setting will allow user to cancel the invoice.

For Example ->> Sales Journal


Flow for cancelling an invoice:-

Step-1:- Go to ->> Accounting ->> Customer Invoices ->> Select & Open an invoice which is in paid state



Step-2:- Make a note of Journal, Date & the Entry number.



Step-3:- Go to ->> Accounting ->> Journal Entries ->> Journal Items ->> Select Date & Journal


Select the Journal Items related to Invoice (SAJ/2015/0007) ->> More ->> Un-Reconcile


Click on Unreconcile



Step-4:- The status of an invoice will get change to “open” & click on the “Cancel Invoice”




Step 5:- Once you click on “Cancel Invoice” the invoice status will become “Cancelled” now and it will show “Set to Draft” button. By clicking on “Set to draft” button you can edit the Invoice as a fresh invoice.


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