Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

    Ensure material availability

    Material requirement Planning features enhances all the design related activities including task management, configuration, BOM - Bill of Materials control etc.

    Achieve economies of scale

    Reduce costs by having economies of scale for every components or BOM required for production. It also satisfies you with improved tracking, managing orders from different suppliers,etc

    Optimize production

    Increase production in an effective and efficient manner for eg: scheduling is properly set, production can be analyzed and adjusted for the use of optimum effectiveness, and problems in the assembly lines can be addressed quickly.

    Manage your inventory

    Organize and manage all your inventories such as components and parts used in production as well as finished goods or products etc..

    Schedule activities and tasks

    Manage and automate your manufacturing orders with ease, using schedulers.

    Avoid stock shortages

    Get stock alerts generated in real time to avoid shortages at any given time.

    Eliminate manual errors

    Enable bar code support to record time and operations on different work orders

    Track status of operations

    Manually edit all your operations at any level of the progress.

    Plan time and resources

    Define planning the working time and capacity of your resources efficiently

    Avoid stock shortage

    Track the evolution of the stock value, according to the level of manufacturing activities as they progress in the transformation process.

    Capitalize on your lead time and reduce overheads