Cloud ERP Importance of Dashboards – Creating Your Own Dashboard in ERP

Importance of Dashboards – Creating Your Own Dashboard in ERP

In this busy professional world, generally people have limited patience, short of time and everyone is looking to have information on their fingertips. In this scenario digital Dashboards plays an important role. Digital dashboards help to consolidate all the information into rich interactive chart by pulling them from multiple raw data sources.

Dashboards enables you to take better, Smarter, Faster decisions in business and When we talk about comprehensive ERP System, ERPinCloud has inbuilt dashboards which gives you complete 360 Degree view of your company performance, You can easily track real-time reports record improvements of each department activities such as Accounting, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, warehouse and much more.

ERPinCloud allows you to create your own Dashboard and Let us take example of Sales Module and understand how to go head to configure “Dashboard”.

To add your report into the dashboard, go to any menu, switch to list, graph or calendar view and click “Add to Dashboard” in the extended search options.

You can filter the group data before inserting into the dashboard using the search option.

Steps to configure the dashboard:

Step 1: Go to the module for which you want to create dashboard and click on the graph view.

In Sales Module:-

You can have graphical view of quotations, sales orders by status, customer, order month etc. in dashboard. If you want to have dashboard for sales orders by status then:-

Navigate as:-

Go to->>Sales->>Sales Orders->>Click on the graph view

How to create Dashboard



Step 2: Go to advance filter drop-down ->>Select Group By Option (e.g.-Status) from the search option and click on “Add to Dashboard”. Select the sales module and name for that particular dashboard (sales orders by status) & then click on “Add” button.



Step 3: Go to reporting module and click on particular saved module in Dashboard.

Navigate as:-

Go to->>More->>Reporting->>Dashboards->>Sales

Here we can see sales dashboard as:-


In ERPinCloud you can also have list view and calendar view in the dashboard as:-


List View:-

List view


Calendar View:-

Calender view

ERPinCloud also provides operational & strategic dashboards as:-


1. Operational Dashboards:-

Operational Dashboards
Operational Dashboards


2. Strategic Dashboards:-

Strategic Dashboards


 Strategic Dashboards


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