Cloud ERP Why do you need a Cloud ERP for your eCommerce business?

Why do you need a Cloud ERP for your eCommerce business?

Hunting for an integrated system which can handle online order bookings, inventory, shipping vendors (Fedex, UPS,USPS) and invoicing, All-in-One??

Cloud ERP is what you must be looking at.

eCommerce website is the use of electronic data transmission to execute or augment any business activity. It also consists of exchange of data to alleviate the financing facets of a business transaction. It is gradually changing the way conventional commerce was carried out.Since its onset itself, electronic-commerce has seen a coherent development across all sectors like trading , manufacturing, services ,etc.

Some of the reasons for this can be listed as:

1. Consumers are gradually switching to online purchasing, thus giving up their traditional buying behavior.

2. E-commerce is creating supplementary business, where there was no business earlier.

3. Conventionally, customers were habituated to a supply chain with plenty of middle men. But with the entry of e-commerce, customers are now hoping to be able to lessen some of those middle men, thus dealing with distributors or manufacturers directly. This changing pattern has enabled distributors to put up web stores in order to sell to consumers directly. This creates greater transparency and makes their products more noticeable, thus enabling an ease to access product information.

4. The cost of marketing your products /services across the web is negligible as compared to the traditional method of marketing. One can earn higher returns with lower costs, leading to a higher ROI.

5. Improved interaction with customer is made possible.

Integration of the leading eCommerce portals with an cloud ERP system is a topic of interest for all traders & manufactures listing on e-com websites.

Cloud ERP has integrated e-commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon and Magento making selling online much easier.

Following are some of the benefits of following ERP in Cloud for e-commerce:

1. Cloud ERP allows firms to streamline inventory, orders, customer relations, sales, shipping data accounting, etc, thus enabling to reduce unnecessary/duplicate labor intensive manual entries and errors.

2. It will portray a precise picture of available inventory to the customers and will efficiently manage proceedings without having to hire staff.

3. It will drop an automated notification to customers, so that they are aware of the exact shipping status and can better track product delivery with limited entry of data.

4. It simplifies overall functioning, even as the firm grows.

5. Traditional E-commerce applications make it possible to yield monetary reports on sales but ERPinCloud it enables to generate balance sheet, trial balance, cash flow, etc, thus fostering a crystal clear environment in the firm.

6. It helps suppliers to view product catalogs, place orders and check transactions over the web anytime they wish to.

7. Changes such as quantity, promotional offers/discounts become much more simple.

8. It complies with tax requirements with an automated tax compliance feature.

9. There is a significant increase in flexibility in the business

10. It results in improved customer experience, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Thus we conclude traditional business is now taking leap to a new era of online shopping. Right from groceries to high-end capital goods everything revolves around a click from your cell-phone. When you have such a demanding customer base then Cloud ERP is certainly the right choice for you.

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