Cloud ERP Utilizing Cloud ERP to increase transparency

Utilizing Cloud ERP to increase transparency

Of lately many organizations are making switch to cloud ERP systems to keep pace with industry in terms of reducing time, increase security and lower maintenance costs.

So what are the advantages of having ERP in the Cloud?

One of the biggest advantages of using Cloud ERP software is the cost as compared to the implementation of on premise ERP solutions. Traditional ERP systems were implemented at customer premises that required significant investments in IT infrastructure and people. With the cloud, the investment is reduced to zero. The Cloud service provider has already invested in the infrastructure and people on behalf of the customer.

As the number of users of ERP keeps increasing, the customer just needs to apply for new user accounts in the cloud. He does not need to plan ahead of time in terms of hardware or architecture changes. Hence Cloud ERP is lot more scalable than on-premise ERP implementation

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