Cloud ERP ERPinCloud to Launch Mobile ERP Application

ERPinCloud to Launch Mobile ERP Application

New Era of ERPinCloud Going to be Release Soon 

Can we imagine the time when ERPinCloud users will be able to manage their important task using Mobile Phone? No… This is not a Cloud thought, that day is going to come soon.

ERPinCloud recently announced to launch Mobile version of Cloud ERP that is Mobile ERP. The dynamic design of the Mobile application will be very user friendly, which will enhance the customers to operate Cloud ERP while on the go.

Below are the Highlighted Features of Cloud ERP Mobile Version Applications

Customer and Contact Management – Get Access to your date on Mobile

• Customer and contacts details are readily available.
• Contact your Customers by Email or phone with a single touch.

Lead Management – Manage your leads cycle

• Create and manages daily quality leads.
• Converting leads into opportunity and marking it for follow-up.
• Get clear picture of Sales operation.

Account and opportunity management

• Easily assign the task after converting lead into opportunity
• Track and monitor Account Progress

Quotations and Sales Order

• Covert quotations into orders with a single tap
• Quotes are converted into sales order in a quick manner.

Sales Staff Tracking

• Monitor performance of the sales person
• Daily Sales Report by Sales person

Task Marking

• View and manage your tasks
• Track and monitor your CRM staff daily activities

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