Cloud ERP Customer Relationship Management [CRM] application with ERP in Cloud

Customer Relationship Management [CRM] application with ERP in Cloud

ERPinCloud’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module assists your organization in effectively managing interactions with clients and sales prospects. The system allows for complete tracking of sales activities right from the first phone call to closure of the opportunity and also facilitates comprehensive management of meetings, organization calendars and post sales activities such as helpdesk, support & bug tracking. With enhanced features such as compatibility with websites and mail clients, the system provides for automatic integration of all leads, thus ensuring that you don’t miss a single opportunity.

Manage leads by users, campaigns and sources and track them real-time till closure. Integrate with your website to move enquiries directly to your leads. You may choose to escalate the leads to your senior or qualify the same as a business opportunity.

Opportunities are the sales pipeline of your organization. You may track them state by stage till closure, add communication history, expected revenues & probability of their success. You can also schedule meetings & phone calls, send out reminders, create invoices and manage every aspect related to the opportunity.

Schedule meetings with your prospects at the click of a button and share your calendar with the entire department. Record minutes of meeting and maintain history of your communication.

Phone Calls
Manage your sales team calls with cloud erp phone call management module. Track your incoming/outgoing calls, plan & schedule subsequent calls, provide deadlines and convert calls into leads.

Manage your after-sales by reporting/tracking bugs and ensuring their timely resolution; track client claims, helpdesk & support activities of your organization.

Social Media Integration
Listen to what people say about your brand on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Generate leads through social media platforms.

All these features are accessible with marginal monthly fees. With these you can get a clear picture of where you stand and where you desire to be.

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