Cloud ERP Boost your Online Business with Cloud ERP Magento Integration

Boost your Online Business with Cloud ERP Magento Integration

Increase your online selling’s by using Magento and manage entire back-office efficiently by integrating Magento with Cloud ERP by ERPinCloud. ERPinCloud is a Cloud ERP solution with Magento; it is the ultimate platform which allows you to manage your all the fulfilment activities from a single system, right from the order to shipping.

Let us walk through the functions of Cloud ERP by ERPinCloud Integrated with Magento

Effective Inventory management

• Manage your multiple warehouses
• Connect your multiple warehouses and manage inventory levels on all of them.
• Maintain your stocks and the inventory levels for Sales on all your eCommerce channels

Track Real-time Stock movements - Stock management is really difficult task for everyone and Cloud ERP by ERPinCloud helps you to track accurate information of each stock and product.

Generate Sales Report, also get stock Position alerts - Manage and maintain your sales report and data with the help of ERPinCloud sales dashboard. You can easily create the stock level alerts, when a product reaches the low stock alert; you can have procurement automatically created.

Barcodes Scanning- Using of barcodes has several benefits. You can ensure accurate pick ups as well as deliveries. Print Barcodes and Scanning Barcodes for product pick up and delivery

Order Management

The ERP software manages your entire supply chain activity. It helps in determining for which stock what is left as well as missing. It can manage all your sales activities efficiently.

Order Management - You can import your sales orders in the ERPinCloud and process their invoicing as well as Delivery in it. Once you complete invoice and/or delivery you can update the status back to Magento with a single click. (Updating can be done on a scheduler as well)

Bulk order management - Cashing in on the super order fulfilment the Cloud ERP software has incorporated an automated process to tackle huge bulk orders, It Includes Picking list, Batch shipping creation, Invoice Preparation.

Labels Generation and Printing- ERPinCloud can be smoothly integrated with Shipping services like USPS,UPS,FedEx etc., It will assist you to generate Import and export order labels along with product tracking number. If you have tracking number and tracking information in your delivery order, it can be updated back to Magento.

Calculation of taxes and discounts- ERPInCloud can be integrated with the taxes and the discounts as it is on your web store. It can maintain all the accounting information related to your taxes and discounts.

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