Cloud ERP Easily Integrate Your Amazon FBA With Cloud ERP

Easily Integrate Your Amazon FBA With Cloud ERP

Amazon has launched “Fulfillment by Amazon” or FBA program nearly 4 years back. With the help of Fulfillment network sellers can multiply their sales with the same infrastructure.

In the FBA program Amazon has simplified the whole process of logistic and sales for online businesses, and the effect is visible with appreciable increase in sales for those selling their wares through Amazon. The essence of the program is reducing the cost of your online business with increased sales.

The two main important advantages of being part of the FBA program from Amazon is Warehouse and free shipping. You are getting the space you required to store the products while paying only for the area used and that too at low rates. Moreover, your customers are automatically becoming eligible for free shipping within two days for any order worth over $35 which will give you an edge over your competitors.

But, the next big question comes into your mind that, How shall I integrate my ecommerce activities together? How can I make this complicated process easy? Is there any system which gives me end to end eCommerce process?

Confused right!!!

Don’t worry, you can execute & integrate all your ecommerce activities using ERPinCloud Cloud ERP.

Let me explain you how it works:

ERPinCloud integration with eBay.


Cloud ERP Amazon


eBay integration with ERPinCloud Cloud ERP provides a single, integrated business application that links your business with ecommerce, order management, inventory, and accounting. With this integration you will be able to manage one or more web store(s) orders and execute ecommerce activities in different countries, languages, currencies and channels.


FBA location sync with eBay store by using ERPinCloud Cloud ERP:


Cloud ERP Monthly Analytic
However, to rip the benefits of FBA you need to integrate FBA location with your eBay store that will bring all the live data about your products (Amazon Fulfilled Network).


ERPinCloud Cloud ERP integration with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)


Reduce Cost with Cloud ERP


Complete integration features of order management, shipping carrier and tracking number to ERPinCloud that’s sync back the shipping and tracking details back to eBay.

Cloud ERP Shipping Types


Delivery number gets updated from Fulfillment By Amazon system to ERPinCloud Cloud ERP.


Cloud ERP Shipping Status


Though it may sound simple integrating your business with FBA is a complex task, and is possible with ERPinCloud. The order gets updated on the eBay store with the respected Tracking No.


Cloud ERP Amazon FBA


All this will become automatic with a successful integration of your business with Amazon with ERPinCloud. Click now

on  & Try Free Trial of ERPinCloud Cloud ERP for next 30 days.

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