Cloud ERP Customer Relationship Management [CRM] for education institute

Customer Relationship Management [CRM] for education institute

The education industry globally is seeing a radical shift in the manner in which it is communicating with its customers. (Here customers are inclusive of students, alumni, faculty members, and staff).

Educational institutions have realized over the years that every contact counts!!! Lately many educational institutions have modified and revamped their operating processes to curtail expenses, thus resulting in an enhanced response to the cut throat competition. They need to handle increasing number of students with scantier resources .Moreover, coming up with a technology necessary to accomplish the above mentioned objectives was cumbersome, expensive as well as as time consuming. As a result, a need for adopting a CRM application was felt. CRM solutions enables you to gain deeper insights into customer relations, admissions and enrollment , measurement of of student and teacher performance, etc. These insights can be implemented on business processes, in order to cut down costs and increase productivity.

Advantages of implementing a Cloud ERP CRM solution for an educational institute:

Efficiency in student life-cycle management: Today’s students are more engaged in social networking forums and newer technologies. This opportunity can be capitalized on by interacting with them based on all touch points of student experience. These interactions can can be enriched with effective marketing communication, thus yielding measurable fruitful results.

Tracking recruitment and admissions: Marketing efforts can be directed towards prospects. Attendance of specific events and efficacy of marketing campaigns can be measured. It also enables automation of recruitment cycle, student record management, funnel reporting, email tracking and communications, online enquiry forms, event management, etc

Improvised customer service: A Customer relationship management solution ensures efficient functioning in order to assign requests across departments. It helps in bridging the gap between the institution and parents, students, etc, thus building up awareness to foster involvement in various events, sports activities,etc.

Simplifying teacher evaluations and certifications: Helps in avoiding paper processes and thus smoothens the teacher certification and other career related processes. Thus, resources can be better utilized in recruiting good faculty.

Greater returns on marketing outlay: After appropriate supervision and analysis of marketing campaigns, the knowledge obtained can be utilized to maximize revenues and thus assure increased returns.
Up to date databases: Expenses and wastage is reduced , owing to lesser duplication and data rectifications. Relevant and targeted communication will enable stronger and longer relationships.

Better access to information: Users have improved access to KPIs, enabling easy grasping and analyzing of data. Dashboards allow selection of key data items, thus helping to have a strategic approach.

If you are one such educational institute, who is looking for a cost – effective and user friendly solution, then Cloud ERP is certainly the right choice for you!!

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