Cloud ERP Are you a SMB? Why you may need Cloud ERP soon?

Are you a SMB? Why you may need Cloud ERP soon?

What does it mean to call oneself a SMB owner? A SMB has a set of business challenges which are unique to the financial & operational conditions it operates in. Resources availability is always a limiting factor while striving towards growth and scalability.
Especially if you are a product company and superior quality, fast time to market & minimal inventory is the triangle you always struggle with, it is time to streamline your processes. Business management software like Cloud ERP comes to the aid:

A Cloud ERP solution provides:

  • A single view of all important data such as information related to suppliers, vendors, customer orders and the products themselves
  • Analytics and valuable insights from the data to drive business decisions
  • Ready access to performance metrics to gauge health of the business
  • Accurate & comprehensive periodic reporting
  • Alerts & notifications so that you do not miss on important tasks
  • Workflows to streamline business processes and centralized control
  • Process automation based on business conditions
  • Forecasting, planning & scheduling
  • Consolidation of multiple systems into enterprise wide single system thus reducing overheads
  • Rapid implementation and room for growth with scalability and flexibility of cloud based solution
  • You longer remain restricted to your office, cloud based solution provides you mobility and accessibility from anywhere anytime
  • You need not entertain system downtimes, cloud based ERP offers high availability and disaster recovery mechanisms for critical times

How a SMB benefits from cloud ERP:

  • Reduction in capital investment – Cloud based ERP reduces your upfront cost in licensing, hardware, servers, and other infrastructure. It also reduces other secondary costs like staff training
  • Lower operating costsCloud-based ERP lowers ongoing costs for maintenance, upgrades, storage space, electricity & maintenance staff.
  • Rapid implementation – As there is no infrastructure setup, your cloud ERP system can be up fast further coming down the implementation cost.
  • Scalability – Your growth is limited by the technology. You cloud ERP system will not only easily accommodate your growth and will act as catalyst to many profit making initiatives.
  • Fast decision making – Comprehensive reports & analytics allows SME owner to get business insights in single view and make quick decisions supported by facts
  • Access to advanced technology – As technology is rapidly evolving you get access to advanced technology without any investment of time & money.
  • Reduced uncertainties – Streamlined processes with business automations reduce human errors and provide predictable outcomes
  • Inclusion of stakeholders – Improved trust & confidence from customers, vendors, suppliers, employees and investors
  • Focus on core business – As SME owner you can focus on your business growth strategies rather than dealing with technology nitty-gritty.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws & regulations – Workflow based business process also make sure that you are not missing out on any required compliance which further boosts your confidence in market

Therefore as a SMB one must look forward to invest in a cloud based ERP. Take a Cloud ERP FREE Trial today!

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