Cloud ERP Privacy Policy

ERPinCloud Privacy Policy

Bista Solutions Inc has launched a set of Services at our website The general terms of use are covered in our Terms of Services page. This webpage covers our Privacy Policy with regards to the services offered at

By using the Services at, you are explicitly agreeing to the Privacy Policy mentioned below.

Personal Information

On signing up for our Services at you will need to create a user account with a corresponding login and password. You need to protect your account related information since it is private and confidential to you. Bista Solutions Inc will not transfer your personal account details to any other users.

While using the Services at, Bista Solutions Inc may request personal information such as name, your personal profile email address, details of organization you belong, and credit card details for billing and payment purposes. All these information will be considered as Personal Information that is confidential to you. Bista Solutions Inc will not share this information with other users or with any third party.

Please note that you can update your personal information at any time

Financial Information

We accept payments through Credit Cards on For accepting your payments, we store only the name and address of the credit card holder, the last four digits of your card number and the expiry date of the credit card. During a payment transaction, your credit card information will be sent using SSL encryption to our payment gateway provider who handles this information in compliance with this privacy policy.

Account Related Contents and Data

While using our services at www.erpincloud.comyou may upload, create or edit content in the form of files, documents and images. This content is stored on our servers and backed up on a regular basis to provide business continuity. The contents of your account cannot be accessed by any other user. We do not process your contents for any targeted advertisement activities.

Account Usage

Bista Solutions Inc will maintain a record of how you use your account including types of services accessed, frequency and time duration of logging into your account. This information will be used anonymously for improving your experience with our services.

We also analyse other technical details such as browser choice, URLs accessed, time zones, and related technical details to improve the technical aspects of our services.

Usage of Cookies

Our website will use cookies to improve the use experience and quality of our services. You may choose to turn off the cookies. However, if you turn off cookies then certain features in our website may not be accessible.

Sharing of Information

In some cases, we may need to share personal information.

  • Sharing information with our partners and affiliates. Such information will be shared purely for providing you with the complete services that we promise on our website. Our partners and affiliates are also compliant with this privacy policy.
  • We may share personal information with Law Enforcement Agencies if there is a need as part of legal enquiry or legal procedures. We may share personal information with Law authorities if such an act is necessary to protect the safety of other users accessing services or or Bista employees.

External Links

Bista Solutions Inc may use external links on You are advised to exercise caution while using those external links. Further you are advised not to reveal your personal information to any of those external links.

Information Security

All the information at is stored in servers that are placed inside secure data centres. These data centres provide high levels of physical and electronic data security. In addition, we adopt industry standard practices while transmitting, storing or retrieving user related information that prevents unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of all user account related information including your personal information and data content.

Forums and Blogs

Bista Solutions Inc may provide blogs and forums as part of the Services offered at Participation in these blogs or forums is optional. If you choose to participate in these forums, you are advised not reveal any personal information to other users of the blogs and forums.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Bista Solutions Inc reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. We will communicate changes to our privacy policy via email to all our users. If you do not agree to terms of the new privacy policy, you may choose to cancel your account with us. If you continue using our services, then you explicitly agree to the modified privacy policy.

Please contact for any queries around this privacy policy.

Last Modified: June 7th 2013