Cloud ERP Integrated Cloud ERP with CRM

Integrated Cloud ERP with CRM is a very popular CRM amongst Sales people. We now present the option of integration of SFDC with our Cloud ERP. We provide the following features with this integration

Cloud ERP Features:

  • Accounts are imported as Customers
  • SFDC Contacts are imported as Contacts and linked to the proper Customers
  • SFDC Products are imported into Cloud ERP
  • Opportunities which are marked as “Closed Won” in SFDC is imported as Quotations. All the Product lines added to the Opportunities are imported as Sales Order Lines.
  • The Sales Order number of Cloud ERP is updated back into SFDC, so that the Sales Person can view the ERP’s id for their Opportunity.
  • Once the Order is Shipped from Cloud ERP the tracking number is updated back into the Opportunity on SFDC.
  • These updates/imports happen automatically behind the scenes on a pre-determined frequency. It can also be triggered manually
Cloud ERP Salesforce Integration Features

Feature of CRM and Cloud ERP integration

Feel free to contact us at for more information on how you can leverage our Cloud ERP solution with you existing account.

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