Cloud ERP Human Resource Management [HRM] with ERP in Cloud

Human Resource Management [HRM] with ERP in Cloud

The advantages of using a cloud computing HR system is an acknowledged fact. You don’t need any infrastructure, you don’t need maintenance, you don’t need storage space, you don’t need extensive training, you don’t need ultra-fast connections and you don’t need expensive software. All you need is a simple web browser like Mozilla or Google Chrome and you are connected to Cloud ERP system and use all these facilities online.

The Human Resource Module in ERPinCloud has a set of rich features and integrates seamlessly with other modules. Our Cloud ERP offers you wide solutions for HR department making it possible for other department to access specific employee data. The HR module covers all the function required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize the business processes by configuring to suit customer’s requirement.

Our HRM module comprises of four broad sections, mainly Recruitment, Attendance, Performance and Expense management. Cloud ERP solution offers many different sub-systems under the HR module. Listed below are some of the most common sub systems:

Personnel Management:
The personnel management comprises of HR master-data, personnel administration, recruitment and salary administration.

Organizational Management:
Organizational management includes, organizational structure, staffing schedules & job description.

Expense Management:
Automation of expense management to reduce cycle time from submission to reimbursement.

Attendance Management:
Attendance management includes shift planning, time recording, absence & leave management.

Unless HR Managers are able to address the lack of HR systems in the SME’s, their importance will continue to decline.

The solution is easy and cost effective. It is win-win for all parties – the companies, HR professionals and the company’s financial bottom-line. The solution is to adopt cloud computing systems. The Cloud computing systems are perfect for the price sensitive SME sector. All it needs for the HR professionals to adopt it, slowly if necessary, but steadily. The time and place to use cloud computing is now.

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