Cloud ERP Improve quality check processes with Cloud ERP

Improve quality check processes with Cloud ERP

Quality check process is essential for any Business to deliver a successful product that meets customer expectation. Quality Check process also enables you to build effective Business which minimizes the waste and gives high level of productive.

Let us see how Quality Check Process is carried using Cloud ERP by ERPinCloud

Quality control emphasizes testing of products to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product release,

1) Product Level Configuration
a) Go to the Warehouse >> Products.
b) Click on the tab of QC parameters.

Cloud ERP Quality Control Software

a) Incoming Quality Control: – If we have to perform quality check of product while doing the incoming shipment (Purchase Order), Check mark the check box of Incoming Quality Control.

b) Outgoing Quality Control: – If we have to perform quality check of product while doing the delivery (Sales Order), Check mark the check box of Outgoing Quality Control.

c) Manufacturing Quality Control: – If we have to perform quality check of manufactured product then Check mark the check box of Manufacturing Quality Control.

d) Testing Location: – It is the location where we can receive the product for testing purpose.

How to add parameter values of product in Product Masters.

a) Go to Product Master >> QC parameters tab >> Set Parameter Values.
b) Click on Add an Item.

Cloud ERP Quality Control

When we are setting the parameters. It is mandatory to keep “Serial Number Tracking” in inventory of the Product Master. As we are tracking the product with serial number and assigning values to it.

Note: – We can do QC without serial number also. Its depends upon the business process for quality check.

How to check quality of product

How to Perform Quality Check while receiving the product.

1) Check marked the check box of Incoming Quality Control and defines the testing location where we have to test the product.

Products detail dashboard in Cloud Erp

2) Go to the Incoming Shipment and receive the product to testing location. (The Incoming Shipment should be processed through purchase order)

Cloud ERP Quality Management

3) While receiving the product we have to perform Barcode Scanning of the product and provide the serial number.

In above task while doing Incoming Shipment. Go to the more option and Select Barcode Scanning. Complete with the Barcode Scanning Process.

4) Products received to Destination location.

Cloud ERP Quality Checking Software

5) Now click on “Perform Quality Control” for QC picking.

Cloud ERP Quality Checking in ERP

6) Follow the below mentioned steps to perform Quality Check

a) Go to Warehouse >> Quality Control >> Quality Control Tests.
b) Click on Action Test Arrow.

How to check product quality

C) QC Testing Parameters window will open where it will show the current sequence of serial number which need to be tested.

Cloud ERP Quality Process

d) Click on “Next Serial” to test next product.


e) Finally Click on QC Done.

How to perform Quality Control test on outgoing product (Delivery Order).

1) Product level configuration in Product Master.
a) We have to keep the Serial Number Tracking i.e Track Outgoing Lots check marked in the inventory.

checking quality of products

b) Also keep “Outgoing Quality Control” check marked in QC parameters

Cloud ERP for Quality Checking

c) In order to keep serial number tracking we should have serial numbers for the product. Follow the mentioned path to create serial number for the product.

Go to Warehouse >> Traceability >> Serial Number.

Create the new serial and save it.

ERP Process for quality checking

How to perform QC for Delivery Order.

a) To perform QC on product in Delivery Order. The delivery order should be processed through sales order.
b) b) On delivery order click on QC picking.

Cloud erp quality control location

C) It will open the QC Tests window of Product delivery Order.
Go to the “More option and select “Assign Serials”.

Cloud ERP process of quality control

Select the serials and click on select.

Cloud ERP Quality Solution

Click on Assign Lots.

Cloud ERP QC

d) Click on test arrow button as shown below.

How to check product quality

d) After clicking on test arrow it will pop up “QC Testing Parameters” window.

ERP Process for quality checking

Perform the QC process as per explanation provided.
After QC done proceed with the Delivery.

There are lot of scenario can be covered in QC process. Just follow the below mentioned Scenarios.

QC flow form sales order flow and when a product is make to stock, if product not in stock
Case 1.1(approved all quantity)
1) Confirming SO creates DO & QC tests, where the line items are in waiting availability.
2) Run scheduler; receive the PO created by the min max stock rule, confirm PO & receive it in stock
3) Go to QC tests do check availability the product for the given quantity get reserved,
3.1) we can even check by creating and another order and see that it’s not taking the reserved stock into consideration.
4) IN QC tests from — > QC testing Lines — > hit test button, opens up wizard, enter the test qty & approved quantity example: test_qty 10 , approved_qty 10 and hit QC done
5) The respective delivery order get ready to deliver state, now we may deliver the DO and QC the flow is finished.

Case 1.2 (Rejecting all qty)
1) Repeat the above steps from 1 to 3,
2) The 4th step mentioned above, enter the tested quantity and enter the scrap quantity e.g.: test_ quantity 10, scrap_ quantity 10.
(Later when the user want to re-allocated the same product from stock location, so that the deliver order to which the QC is linked to gets to available state.)
3) IN QC tests form under the third tab, QC scrapped lines; we see a button in each line “Allocate from stock” hit that.
4) If the required quantity for that product is available in stock it creates a new move from stock — testing and attach it in the first tab QC Testing Lines , and the QC Test goes back to pending state. Else if product not available gives a pop says quantity not available.
5) Then we can again test that line if its ok the we can approve it and once the qc is done the deliver order goes to ready to deliver state.

Case 1.3 (Approving and rejecting partially & also re-allocating the rejected stock)

1) Step is all same as given above,
2) e.g.: delivery order has product ABC for 10 quantities which has to test before giving to customer. then we go to QC Tests screen and we first test 5 quantity out of which 2 is scrapped and 3 is approved then later that day we test the remaining 5 , out of all 5 are approved. then the delivery order does not goes to ready to available state as we have scrapped 2 quantity first, so our overall approved quantity is 3+5 = 8 , & the Delivery Order was for 10 quantity, now if we re-allocated those scrapped quantity with new product from stock and then test and approve those 2 qty as well !! The Delivery order goes to ready to available state.

Case 2: For that product which has track outgoing as True and track incoming as True and has Outgoing Quality Control as True -first create a PO for a product and before receiving to our stock, do barcode scanning and have serial number ready to deliver

Case 2.1 (approved all serial)
1) Create a sale order for that product and delivery order is created from testing to stock and a QC is created automatically
2) The QC has move for that product from stock to testing and its test_status is not_started
3) Now hit more and do assign serial, we cannot assign serial from delivery order screen a handling is added to the flow
4) Hit action test button on the qc_lines a wizard opens where we see the next serial to be tested & at the right we see New, scrapped , approved , Return (note Return is not used while testing for delivery order used only in incoming’s testing
5) this wizard show the latest serial to be test so this reduces the user input to give serial number for testing every time
6) We just need to select approve and hit next serial, and similarly select approve and hit next serial and go on…
7) We can even put the parameters values in the parameter line which would be stored in serial number object
8) Once all serial are approved hit QC done and the respective delivery order goes to ready to available state
9) And we can deliver the delivery order and finish the QC process is done

A case 2.2 (partially approved some serial and rejects some serial and even reallocate those with new serials)
1) Step 1 to step 5 from above case 2.1 are same.
2) When the wizard pop’s up we need to select approve and hit next serial and next time we can select reject & hit next serial
3) And hit QC done this won’t make the delivery order as ready to available coz for example, the delivery order is for 2 Quantity
4) Where we have approved 1 and rejected 1 to in order to make that delivery order ready to deliver
5) We need to re-allocate that scrapped product form stock again to that the required qty has completely gone through testing.
6) On the QC scrapped lines tab in the line item there’s a button to re-allocate that would create a stock move from stock to testing then we have to assign the serial for that from QC and test that new product and once that is done
7) Once all the required quantity from the delivery order is approved from QC the DO goes to ready to deliver state.

QC flow form sales order flow and when a product is make to order

Case 3: both the above mentioned scenario’s case 1 & 2 works for make to order method as well.
Here the QC is in waiting state till the purchase order’s incoming shipment is received.

QC flow from purchase order
Product configuration note:

Incoming Quality Control is checked on product & added quality parameter & testing location note for those product which has track input & track output true should have just one way of testing either Incoming Quality Control or Outgoing Quality Control (having both checked for serial number product is not recommended)

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