Cloud ERP Field services details

Generate service contracts

Generate and maintain service contracts like warranties, guarantees along with intricacies like jobs, time, etc.

Manage your bill of materials

Maintain products, services, bill of materials and their product attributes.Also define and maintain cross-references, price-lists and replenishment.

Service your customers in-time

Furnished with tools, enabling reminders like free services, maintenance contracts, other services, etc which can be conveyed to the customer via Emails.

Define service packages

Create service packages encompassing services and materials in defined quantities. This enables generation of automated requisitions and also helps inventory tracking.

Track your delivery process

Track delivery of serviced items with checklist.

Generate estimates

Generate time and cost or material estimates, capable of tracking customer complaints regarding deliveries.

Generate service invoices

Generate invoices to different parties in order to manage warranty, insurance services, with payment methods like cash, credit card, etc.

Shorten service delivery

Handle your service appointments using a periodic appointment calendar. Assign appointments based on available resources in hand, in order to facilitate quicker service or delivery.

External Services and Invoice

Tracking third party jobs, within service job orders with respective service providers, and invoicing of the same.

Material Requisition and Issuance

Generate material requisition to perform services , with issue and return of materials.

Get better insights

Generation of various service reports like service appointments, job order statements, invoices, etc.

Globalize your business

Supports multiple taxes and currencies.