Cloud ERP Integration of Field Services with Cloud ERP

Integration of Field Services with Cloud ERP

Efficacy in field service management has become a growing need for firms servicing industrial or technical goods. Sustaining available resources, increasing yield, etc are on the topmost priority. From the point of view of a decision maker, planning the HR aspect of field services and making sure that everything is in falling in place at the right time is crucial for success.

From a field service person’s perspective, the absence of a link between his office and field is surely an exasperating experience.Thus, in the above mentioned scenarios, an Cloud ERP can help in effective management of business processes and enable greater transparency into customer information and resource allocation.

Thus, it assures improvement in service, performance and earnings, thus leading to a stable and successful functioning of a service organization.

Following are some of the ways in which a Cloud ERP integrated field service module will enable transformation of a field service into a profit center in a company:

Flexibility in work orders: An Cloud ERP integrated field service allows flexibility to support any kind of service, right from simple service calls to complex installation projects. Keeping a track on estimated against actual transactions furnishes an updated analysis of each service call

Performance Management:
Enables analysis of financial and operational information with inbuilt reports and analytic tools, in order to facilitate transparency and sound decision making.

Depot Repair: Presence of features such as bar code enabled data collation, packaging and shipping paperwork, online transaction support, etc

Better planning and forecasting: Enables appropriate planning and project implementation, tracking project costs, forecasting sales deliveries.

Improved collaboration: Enables sharing of documents and project updates with users in different time zones.

Project Management: Appropriate allocation of resources to the proper projects is ensured and project bottlenecks are identified. It also enables project delivery within the estimated budgets and timelines.

Improved customer relationships: You can efficiently manage your customers through the CRM feature, thus fostering increased understanding of the sales pipeline.

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