Cloud ERP Track Organization Performance  with Cloud ERP

Track Organization Performance with Cloud ERP

ERPinCloud Analytics is one of the most competent business tools which aids in intelligent decision making. It provides critical insights into the key performance indicators and at the same time a 360 degree view of your organization’s performance is provided.

Cloud ERP analytics comes with pre-determined KPIs which aids in tracking of goals across your organization.

One can also establish relations between the KPIs to understand the correlation between events.

Cloud ERP analytics also has the ability to generate alerts which helps in decision making. It also ensures cross functional monitoring of process, people and sales across the multiple departments in an organization. In short you can make informed decisions on the go.

Sales Analytics

It is intelligence that is bound to accelerate sales

With the help of Cloud ERP sales analytics tool, the entire information about the sales cycle is presented in front of you. One can also pin point the current issues which plagues the organization and an eye on the future can also be kept regarding potential challenges.


Cloud ERP sales analytics


CRM Analytics

Achieving   growth in sales figures

Cloud ERP helps an organization with a holistic and in-depth view of the CRM. You could meet sales targets as well as discover lost opportunities. It is a scalable and flexible solution which is integrated with the ERP & CRM modules.


Sales performance calculation with Cloud ERP


HRM Analytics

Hiring and retaining the correct personnel

ERP in cloud is a powerful tool to the HRM team and enables prudent human capital management. One can easily perform the head count and end view of the effectiveness of the human resource strategies of an organization can be demarcated.

Financial Analytics

Reliable information on data is beneficial

The suite contains key performance indicators along with various analytical tools which can ascertain the financial performance of your organization. In depth query analysis to determine the various financial ratios, forecasting cash flows, viewing the financial statements and so on


Tracking business performance with Cloud ERP

Inventory Analytics

100 % integrity of inventory is assured

With Cloud ERP inventory analytics tool you can gain complete access to all the inventory locations in the organizational set up. The inventory control is managed as never before and the current inventory status is in front of your finger tips

Procurement Analytics

Saving penny is penny earned

This term holds lot of significance when it comes to making purchases for your organization. This tool will help you to optimize the procurement related decisions. One can analyze and track the entire duration of the purchase cycle with the help of this analytical tool


Cloud ERP Business Analytic

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