Cloud ERP integration with eBay

Cloud ERP Integration with eBay


eBay integration with Cloud ERP provides a single, integrated business application that links your business with e-Commerce, Order management, Inventory, Shipping, Purchase and Accounting.


Manage one or more web stores and execute ecommerce activities in different countries, languages, currencies and channels.


Product and Order Import

Import all the products and orders from eBay into Cloud ERP.

Inventory Sync

Synchronize your inventories and stock level on eBay stores from Cloud ERP and vice-versa.

Update Order Status

Update shipments and invoices of your orders from Cloud ERP to eBay store with tracking number.

Product Listing

List all your product, images using different templates to eBay from Cloud ERP. It can be Auction, Fixed price item or classified ad.

Re List Products

Manage relisting of your products with respect to the expired date and time.

Revise Products

Revise your products from ERPinCloud to eBay.

Product Schedule Management

Schedule listing of products based on your requirements.


Receive advanced Business Intelligence for your eBay stores and combine them with information with other channels.

Product Status Update

Manage your products descriptions, images, attributes, title, etc. in ERPinCloud.

High Volume Processing

List all of your products at once on single click.