Cloud ERP by ERPinCloud: Our Cloud CRM Software enables your every team member to use it from anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Cloud ERP CRM Features

Lead Automation

  • Manage your entire sales life cycle.
  • Manage automated rules for leads.
  • Ensure that no Leads are lost or neglected.

Marketing Campaigns

  • Automate lead processing using marketing campaigns.
  • Automate emails or paper mails.

Email Integration, Outlook & Thunderbird Plugins

  • Synchronize emails with CRM.
  • Seamless integration with popular e-mail clients, MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Lotus Notes.
  • Central place to Capture, Track and Manage all your emails from the CRM.

Capture Lead Feature

  • Capture leads directly from social media.
  • Convert your visitors into solid enquiries and actual customers.
  • Capture leads from web forms.

Document Sharing

  • Now you can directly share the documents from Cloud ERP CRM using LotusLive or Google Docs.

Real time Dashboards

  • See real time leads, sales activity.
  • Analyze the sales pipeline.
  • Improve forecasting with Customizable dashboard.

Improve your sales forecasting

Quotations and Sales order

  • Convert opportunities to quotations in just one click.
  • Convert quotes to sales order.
  • Follow-up a sale (invoicing, deliveries, etc.)

Online Collaboration

  • Conduct your business meeting with GoToMeeting, LotusLive or Cisco WebEx.

Manage your customer cycle and Boost your Business.

Cloud ERP CRM gives you overall view of Sales, Customer service, Competitors analysis and Marketing Prospects. This Solution helps you to have right insights about Customer relationship management activities. It will assist to make target specific planning and decisions to give better service to your customers.

You can increase your sales by analysing and monitoring proper information about pre-sales and sales in the forms accurate report which enable you to judge market trends and help to make pro-active strategies to reach customer expectation.

Below are listed some in detail features about Cloud ERP Customer relationship management Software.

Lead Management

In this feature you can manage your leads cycle, Lead management tool helps to generate, manage and monitor your customer leads and make follow-up. You can sort leads and database as per the industry, source, date, location or it can be your own customization. Lead Management includes.

  • Access and manages quality leads.
  • Converting leads into opportunity and enrolling it for follow-up.
  • Time – Consuming Sales process and get clear picture of Sales operation.

Account and opportunity management

Each converted lead is turns into an account. It becomes easy to monitor the operation of the particular account. This feature also supports tracking daily activates of the lead.

  • After converting lead into opportunity assign the task.
  • Track and monitor Account Progress
  • Increase the rate of conversation from opportunity

Marketing campaign

Marketing campaign refers to the whole range of marketing activities and campaign.

  • Generate emails or paper mails
  • Automates the lead process using marketing campaigns

On Time Dashboard

Real time dashboard provides a real time analysis of the current business situation, Get access of real-time activities at anywhere and anytime.

  • Monitor real time leads along with sales activity
  • Having a stock of the current sales pipeline
  • Improving forecasting with the help of a customable dashboard

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting are estimate of your sales for a forecasted period. It establishes the level of activity used in other budgets along with forecasting

  • Forecasting the current sales pipeline
  • Improves the decision making process

Quotations and sales order

Cloud ERP CRM feature enables you to create quotations and sales orders for each customer. When it is quotations generate in CRM its becomes more easy to track the sales order approval.

  • Can covert quotations into orders with a single click of the mouse
  • Follow up process evolves considerably particularly the invoices and deliveries part
  • Quotes are converted into sales order in a quick manner.

Sales Staff Tracking

Monitoring operation is consider being very difficult job to track the sales activities. Cloud ERP CRM feature helps to track minute to minute work process of each task

  • Monitor performance of the sales person
  • Recommendation of incentives based on performance
  • Plan sales training and suggest them corrections based on generated result

Milestone Tracking and Task Marking

Decide Milestone achievement to create long-term, short term strategies and assign Task according

  • Design and define goals, set your targets
  • Get clear picture about performances against your goal
  • Track and monitor your CRM staff daily activities