Cloud ERP Benefits

360 degree view of your business

Cloud ERP gives you a complete real time view of your business thereby enabling better visibility across various functions in the firm leading to faster decision making.

Secure & Solid Architecture

Based on years of research and development, we are able to build a solid architecture that is safe and yet simple to use. Our Cloud ERP system is fully secure backed by Amazon's Industry grade EC2 architecture with high-availability and SSL encryption to make sure your data is safe..

Lower your IT Infrastructure Costs

Lesser investment in IT infrastructure gives your company an edge in keeping the cost minimum.

Cost Effective

Pay-per-use pricing for Cloud ERP, which allows you to pay for features that you choose. No IT upfront investment in hardware or no high licensing cost. Move your capital expenditure to operating expenditure Cloud ERP Pricing

Comprehensive Modules

Cloud ERP provides modules for your various business functions from Accounting & Finance, Operations, Customer Relationship Manager, Human Resource, Project Management, Procurement, Sales, Warehousing & Shipping and Manufacturing.

Industry add-ons

Industry specific add-ons making your trade much simpler. Cloud ERP provides integration with other Cloud and hosted services to improve the efficiency of your business.

Ubiquitous Accessibility

Cloud ERP being a cloud application streamlines all your global business under one window. Now you can access to all the vital information and reports relating to your business from your Office or on the go.

User Interface

With simple user interface you can easily migrate from your existing ERP to Cloud ERP


Our support team takes care of getting you up and running quickly on Cloud ERP. We help with the configuration of your ERP master data.

Cloud ERP Integrations

We can integrate with third party software or modules to ensure that you are connected to your Buyers, Selling channels, Suppliers, Fulfilment Centers, Shipping providers etc through Cloud ERP. Check Cloud ERP integrations