Cloud ERP Cloud Based ERP Solutions for SME’s Business Growth

Cloud Based ERP Solutions for SME’s Business Growth

On-premise ERP solutions usually requires huge capital investment to purchase and manage the software, licenses and hardware. Its management and operations will consume a lot of your IT team’s time and resources. This means increased cost of hiring and training your IT staff.

Cloud based ERP is a flexible and cost-effective alternative for small and medium-sized businesses and offers extensive benefits for growth and expansion. It will reduce your company’s IT cost and save time on hardware installation and software maintenance. In addition, Cloud computing technology made it easier for Cloud based ERP to deliver software as a service (SaaS) model for customers who want to acquire cloud ERP and not have to manage hardware, software, and upgrades while reducing up-front expenses.

You can have it up and running in time less than most on-premise ERP installations. Its functionalities are similar to on-premise solutions.

It is managed from a central data store which guarantees users a real-time data and dashboard access. You can remotely access information on any device on any platform without any expensive and complicated VPN and remote access software. This functionality is particularly beneficial when a company has multiple branches or/and locations.

Cloud based ERP can be customised depending on the level and complexity of your business processes. It is also flexible, allowing businesses to choose the deployment option that fits their specific needs, unlike most existing ERP software.
Most industries including some large banks and government agencies are investing on Cloud ERP Platforms. It has clear advantages when you compare the speed of deployment and level of planning to other ERP deployments.

Some Key benefits of Cloud-based ERP are:

Requires no additional hardware, no waste of time to procure and install IT infrastructure.
You can easily roll it out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions, avoiding the cost associated with those rollouts.
Easier to scale, gives you the flexibility to add more users as your business grows

As every business is unique, you may need to take the time to consider how different ERP deployment options can benefit your company.

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